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posted on 2024-06-06, 11:54 authored by Jordan Sickle, Wesley Higgins, Wendelin Wright, George Pharr, Karin Dahmen
Supplemental information which contains analysis that supports the main text's claim and is referred to in the main text. Section S1 shows the full time trace for the ZrHf sample compression and preliminary evidence that the method may be used to observe a change in ductility as shear bands accumulate. Section S2 shows the full time trace for the simulated avalanche system. Section S3 shows the full, unbinned power spectra atop the binned power spectra originally shown in Figure 2. Section S4 shows the obtained value of ω_o for all indentations in ZrHf and Vit 105 and discusses the statistical significance of the difference. Section S5 discusses practical considerations for determining the minimum size S_c used to calculate the results in Figure 3. Section S6 discusses the method for determining how many indentation samples are likely to be required to detect the difference in ductility between two samples. Section S7 briefly discusses the methods and code used.


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